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Fares & Pricing

How Much Will It Cost Me?

Ride with Toni's prices are very competitive and you are riding in lovely clean comfortable cars without the big name branding on them.

Pricing is calculated as per the vehicle, the distance you travel, the approximate amount of time the trip should take, and a number of other small factors, and include GST, Toll Charges and the Passenger Service Levy, and is based upon the quickest route available, which may be determined by either time or distance. If a particular route is required this may alter the pricing.

Riding with Toni is made comfortable with bottled drinking water and mints available in the vehicles, as well as charging cords for Samsung and iPhone mobiles and tablets and a newspaper can also be made available upon request.

For a quote, please use the link below and fill out the Enquiry/Booking Form, or alternatively visit our Facebook Bookings page.

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